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Our beloved bonnets that you know & love! These are all ready to go and will be shipped in 1-2 business days!

Product Details:

Hairoun Haircare's Satin Bonnets are reversible and come with the adjustable feature for a secure fit that ensures that it will NOT fall off your head. While still giving the classic bonnet look we all know and love!

Protect your hair at night (or day, we don’t judge), and put it up again some of the softest fabric that will ensure no snagging on your hair and keep in the moisture you’ve placed in your hair. Oh, and they’re cute too!  

Material: 100% Polyester

Pick Your Size

Our bonnet sizes are based on hair length/capacity, not head size/circumference. All of our bonnets are adjustable for a secure fit.

S/M: This length is best if you wear a shorter length style or a wig or weave, with room to spare.

L/XL: Our most versatile and roomy bonnet!

Long: Perfect for long locs or braid styles! They can be pinned up as well.