Size Chart

What size bonnet should I get?

At Artis Styling, bonnet sizes are based on capacity, not head size/circumference. All our bonnets are adjustable (outside of the baby bonnet) for a secure fit. Here are our bonnet sizes and the capacity it can hold.


Kid's Bonnets:

Baby: Ages 0-1

Toddler: Ages 2-4; if your child has shorter hair, this is a greater fit, adjustable, while still having extra capacity for their moving and growing strands. Size up if their hair is beyond their shoulders. 

Child: Ages 5-8; A step down from our adult small, this size is perfect for growing kids as their strands continue to grow.  Size up if hair is beyond armpit length. 


Adult Bonnets:

Small/Medium (12"): Don't let the name fool you, this size bonnet is mighty! This length is best if you have in a shorter length style, a wig or weave, a low/high braid or ponytail. It still has extra capacity remaining at length of 26" for extension styles. For a smaller size, if you have  shorter hair, I would suggest choosing a child sized bonnet :)


What size does your headscarf come in?

Dimensions: 90cm*90cm


What pillowcase should I get?

Standard Pillowcase Dimensions: 51*66cm w/ envelope closure

 King Pillowcase Dimensions: 51*91cm w/ envelope closure