Triple Threat Set

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A bundled set of Alleviate, Microfiber Towel, and Premium Detangling Brush!

Alleviate is a leave-in detangler spray with peppermint and tea oil added to provide scalp soothing properties. Shake to activate and spray on strands to ease in the detangling process. Great for tangled matted hair or for added slip on your laziest days. Use as a calming moisture mist while in protective styles, before your next wash day, or as an added boost of much needed moisture.

Microfiber towels create less friction and is more gentle on your hair strands than cotton. When using regular cotton towels that those little ringlets have a tendency to snag your curls, coils or kinks when drying your hair. With less friction, hair is less prone to breakage which is key for length retention. Microfiber towels also promote moisture retention to prevent dry, brittle hair, and will amazingly cut your drying time in half!

This is the detangling brush of your dreams! Sturdy, yet flexible design to bend and mold to move through every kink, coil or curl. Use on your hair for easy detangling from ends to roots and its even great to define your curls too! Also, so easy to clean when finished!